Asked Questions

Asked Questions 

Maybe I could put some answers here too. That would totally work out, if only you've trusted me enough to send me al your questions! 

This is me :)

Damn, my lollipop looks like a pen :( 

Stupid technology...

Q: Hey there, I have this friend who tells all my secrets to other people and makes mean jokes and stuff. I don't know what to do!

A: If that person does that, it's not a real friend. Make a spectacular fight in full public, call her names and then say 'We are not friends anymore'. If she goes crying and stuff, ignore and walk away. If she makes a comment as 'like we ever were' than you say somethin mean back. Good luck with it! 

Q: Dear Oracle, cann I have a realationship with a teacher?

A:  The law (in most countrys) says you can't. At least if youre under 18. Above that age it's oke. Pretty weird, eh?

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